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Personally I have always enjoyed reading tutorials as a way to learn new programming tools. Having snippets of code demonstrated in a small practical project generally makes for a much more interesting read, compared to figuring out stuff from purely technical documenation.

As such, I will try to return the favor here by providing a few tutorials to showcase some interesting ways in which you can take advantage of the ruby-dicom library; either by itself or combined with some of the other magnificent gems that are available in the Ruby environment. Hopefully you will find some inspiration here and if it seems like ruby-dicom might be a good tool for you, I hope you will give it a shot!

Tutorial 1: DICOM on Rails!

Tutorial 2: Easy and powerful DICOM anonymization

Tutorial 3: Making a DICOM GUI with QtRuby


  • Do you have a good idea for a new tutorial?
  • Did you encounter sections that are unclear or poorly explained?
  • Did you discover bugs or errors in any of the tutorials?
  • Maybe you've done something nice with ruby-dicom yourself that you would like to share with a tutorial?
Please let me know!

Christoffer Lervåg
chris.lervag @nospam.com @gmail.com