Are you curious about the ruby-dicom library, but not yet sure on how you can take advantage of it? Please take a moment to find out what other people around the world think about this toolkit and what they have accomplished with it. Check out the tutorials as well, get inspired, and discover the numerous possibilities that arise from working with a toolkit that is both free, easy and powerful!

Academic works:

Title Application of ruby-dicom
Informatics in Radiology: Use of CouchDB for Document-based Storage of DICOM Objects
Rascovsky, Delgado, Sanz, Calvo & Castrillón
RadioGraphics, 2012; 32: 913–927
Storing some 2 million DICOM files in a no-SQL, document-based database, and comparing query features and speed to a conventional schema based DICOM archive.
Adaptive radiotherapy based on contrast enhanced cone beam CT imaging
Søvik, Rødal, Skogmo, Lervåg, Eilertsen & Malinen
Acta Oncologica, 2010; 49: 972–977
Producing DICOM headers for a set of custom scaled CT contrast images, to facilitate export to a clinical treatment planning system.
Evaluation of adaptive radiotherapy of bladder cancer by image-based tumour control probability modelling
Wright, Muren, Høyer & Malinen
Acta Oncologica, 2010; 49: 1045–1051
Conversion of Eclipse RTDose Pixel Data to facilitate further simulations in IDL.
Target Contour Testing/Instructional Computer Software (TaCTICS): A Novel Training and Evaluation Platform for Radiotherapy Target Delineation
Kalpathy-Cramer & Fuller
AMIA 2010 Annual Symposium
Parsing uploaded RTStruct DICOM files in a web application for evaluating inter- and intra-user performance in target volume delineation.

Web applications:

Title Application of ruby-dicom
Extraction of header & pixel data from uploaded DICOM files for subsequent display in a web page.


Title Application of ruby-dicom
I Do Imaging: Ruby DICOM
Informatics 360: StudyCentric
Using ruby-dicom for PACS queries in a research-oriented open-source web-based DICOM viewer.
Testing ruby-dicom
Testing ruby-dicom on a sample file by printing its content as well as displaying the pixel data with RMagick.
Example C-MOVE with Ruby DICOM
Using ruby-dicom to issue a C-MOVE-RQ to a remote OSIRIX node.
Rubinius and DICOM Ruby
Benchmarking Rubinius against Ruby 1.8.6 using a ruby-dicom anonymization script.
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