RUBY DICOM is a cross-platform library for handling DICOM files & network communication in the Ruby language. DICOM is a standard that is widely used throughout the world for saving and transmitting image data used in medicine. The library supports reading, editing and writing files as well as querying, retrieving and sending files.

The goal is to provide a scriptable way of handling DICOM files that is easy, yet powerful, as well as free. RUBY DICOM is open source, licensed under the GNU GPL (v3). The library can be used directly to extract information from your DICOM files. However, by combining it with other packages, such as NArray or RMagick, you can perform powerful array and image processing as well as display your images on the screen. Other possibilities includes utilizing the amazing web framework Ruby on Rails to present the content of your DICOM storage in a web interface.

Want to learn more? You'll find a number of resources in the left side menu. A good start might be the tutorial section. Here you will find good practical guidance on some of the basic ways in which you can use this library, like anonymization, image manipulation and rails. To get a sense of what other people are doing with this toolkit, check out the publications section. When you're ready, simply download it and try it out on your own! If you find yourself in need of advice, our friendly community at the discussion forum is never more than a click away. Eventually, you might even feel ready to expand on the source code. If so, please feel free to head on over to github and fork the project. Contributions are welcome!

Please check it out and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any feedback!

Christoffer Lervåg